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Michigan State University Football – An Unforgettable Pre-Season

Michigan State University Spartan defensive tackle Micajah Reynolds may take down his share of quarterbacks this season.

He may clog up the line, spin off his man and snag a running back or two, and he may make some key blocks and perfectly legal takedowns en route.

But it is quite possible that his most memorable moments won’t be on the green and white gridiron of Michigan State University, or the fields of the Spartans’ opponents. Number 60 Micajah Reynolds may already have had his most memorable moment, and the 2013-2014 NCAA football season hasn’t even started.

Early last Wednesday, Reynolds was driving home when he saw in his rearview mirror an 18-year-old Lansing, Michigan teenager waving him down for help. The teen had been shot multiple times in what police suspect was part of a robbery. Reynolds pulled over and stayed with the teen, applying pressure to his wounds until an ambulance arrived.

When interviewed about the incident, the Spartan was quoted as saying: “He was bleeding out all over me. … [I tried] to keep him awake the whole time. He [was] telling me, ‘I’m going to die. It’s over.’ I kept telling him “You’re gonna be fine, just hang on, just keep fighting…You got [this].”

For some reason Reynolds had decided not to stay the night at a friend’s house that night. And, for some reason, he chose not to take his usual route home.

The young man survived gunshot wounds to the head, arm and torso, perhaps only because Reynolds stopped and helped.

Reynolds hasn’t been able to speak with the teenager’s family yet, but last he knew the young man whose life he helped save was stabilized in a local hospital.

And Reynolds’ takeaway from the incident? “It makes me value my time here. It just makes me thankful for what I have…Life is so delicate [and] it makes you consider and be thankful and so grateful for everything that you’re given…

“I’m truly blessed to be here and in this situation that I’m in right now playing college football at the highest level. There’s so many people that I know who didn’t make it out of where they were. I think I owe it to everybody that helped me get here to do my best and go as hard as I can. This stuff isn’t something that I get back. Life isn’t something that you get back.

“My goal in this camp has been to go as hard as I can. Even the first couple practices, I’ve never been so tired and so sore after practice. I think it’s just because I’ve been trying to go hard. I can feel my body breaking down just so it can be built back up and be stronger for the games.”

Well done, Micajah. We hope the young man you helped recovers fully.

Go have a great season.



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