This blog, and its associated website, is about many things. It is the spontaneous reactions to life’s events, and perspectives thereof, its tone changing in tune with each post’s subject matter. Posts may include news of the day, the moment, the country, the world. Sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it is entirely tongue-in-cheek (hopefully that will be obvious) and meant for the complete and simple fun of it (sometimes posts are determined by the offness of my kilter).

Sometimes it is about college football (watch for previews starting in August and continuing through the Fall), or holidays or food or wine or the essentialness of chocolate.

We leave open the possibilities that we might write about anything at any time.

Please remember, sometimes it is heartfelt and serious. Sometimes it is completely silly just because. It is never meant to insult, hurt or demean. We wouldn’t do that.

Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoy, and welcome your responses (I think).

T. E. Hatton



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